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  • Dirty Wars - 2013
    Mystery War Crime History Documentary News
    Nasser Al Aulaqi, Saleha Al Aulaqi, Muqbal Al Kazemi, Abdul Rahman Barman,

    Investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill is pulled into an unexpected journey as he chases down the hidden truth behind America's expanding covert wars.

  • Citizenfour - 2014
    Biography History Documentary News
    Edward Snowden, Glenn Greenwald, William Binney, Jacob Appelbaum,

    A documentarian and a reporter travel to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with Edward Snowden.

  • Capitalism: A Love Story - 2009
    Crime History Documentary News
    William Black, Jimmy Carter, Elijah Cummings, Marcus Haupt,

    An examination of the social costs of corporate interests pursuing profits at the expense of the public good.

  • Dreamocracy - 2015
    Documentary News

    How to reinvent democracy by the eyes of two Portuguese activists.

  • The Legend Of Shorty - 2014
    Documentary News
    Federico Louhau,

    A documentary that chronicles the hunt for the notorious Mexican drug lord El Chapo.

  • Brothers of the Black List - 2014
    History Documentary News

    Brothers of the Black List tells the story behind the longest litigated civil rights case in American history. It all began in September 1992, when an elderly woman in Oneonta, New York ...

  • Korengal - 2014
    War Biography History Documentary News
    LaMonta Caldwell, Miguel Cortez, Stephen Gillespie, Aron Hijar,

    Korengal picks up where Restrepo left off; the same men, the same valley, the same commanders, but a very different look at the experience of war.

  • The Secret Trial 5 - 2014
    Crime Documentary News

    Five men have spent nearly 30 years combined in Canadian prisons. None of them has seen the evidence against them. None of them has been charged with a crime.

  • How to Survive a Plague - 2012
    History Documentary News
    Ed Koch, David Barr, Bob Rafsky, Jim Eigo,

    The story of two coalitions -- ACT UP and TAG (Treatment Action Group) -- whose activism and innovation turned AIDS from a death sentence into a manageable condition.

  • An Inconvenient Truth - 2006
    Documentary News
    Al Gore, Billy West,

    Filmmaker Davis Guggenheim follows Al Gore on the lecture circuit, as the former presidential candidate campaigns to raise public awareness of the dangers of global warming and calls for immediate action to curb its destructive effects on the environment.